The Blue Economy Is Green

If you’ve been feeling downhearted about the state of the world’s environment lately, there are some things brewing here on the coast that might surprise you and even bolster your…

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Follow the H2O

Ever think about the water that flows from your garden hose or kitchen tap? No? Many of us don't because it's simply always there.

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Dear Salmon: We Love You!

Story by Zida Borcich and Joe Bridgman The World’s Largest Salmon BBQ is right around the corner, and the North Coast is anticipating the arrival of thousands of fans, many…

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Nerd Haven

Story and photos by Zida Borcich Music Merchant's owner, Brian Shefrin, in his element, surrounded by a loose count of one million small things. What’s a nerd?[Definition loosely taken from…

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Growing the Economy: One Small Business at a Time

Story by Alison de Grassi Above: Centro Latino West graduation, 2022. Photo by Baqi Kopelman. “We educate and advocate for small business so that local entrepreneurs receive the information they…

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Heavy Lifting Lifts Off

By Felicia Rice with Zida Borcich Heavy Lifting is a book, but an iconoclastic form of a book. It’s not the kind of book you can take to bed for…

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Local Teen Races Toward a Dream

Story by Lisa Norman (Julian's Mom) Julian Norman-Guarachi was born to ride. With the stoutest heart, athletic DNA and training, and heartfelt support from his mom, dad, and little sister,…

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Mendocino Art Galleries

The author sat for this commissioned portrait by Robert Ross in the 1980s. The green coat kept her warm in the sometimes-chilly studio and was especially beloved because she tailored…

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The Woods Owns The Woods!

"We Own It!" exults the sign at the entrance to the Manufactured Housing Community for over-fifty-five-year-olds, The Woods, in Little River. In a brave move, the residents pulled off a…

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It’s Up To Us

It's REAL! A Note from the Publisher: Zida Borcich. You know, sometimes it's necessary to count blessings just to get through the day. It's nothing new, the duality of everything,…

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Point Cabrillo Light Station

Story by Jen Lewis Despite technological advances, lighthouses remain stately reminders of a noble and courageous seafaring history. This year, the Mendocino Coast's spectacular light station celebrates 113 years, preserved…

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Ukraine— What Can We Do?

Story by Mary Rose Kaczorowski I am a first generation Polish American, and this was going to be the year for my first-ever visit to the place where my father…

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Read more about the article Uplift
Photo of the publisher by Chree Quilter.


It's REAL! A Note from the Publisher: Zida Borcich. My neighbors across the way are having a new roof put on. As I dug around my messy yet-ridiculously-beautiful-anyway garden last…

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Read more about the article We Must Cultivate Our Garden
John Jeavons with harvest

We Must Cultivate Our Garden

John Jeavons' ECOLOGY ACTION Turns 50! by Matt Drewno Perched on top of Pine Mountain, overlooking Willits, is the beautiful Jeavons Center Mini-Farm, which grows a striking variety of heirloom…

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Country Women

THE BOOK IS BACK! A HANDBOOK FOR THE NEW FARMER In the late 1960s and early 1970s, young people migrated in droves to the Mendocino Coast to figure out a…

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'Zoom' by Karen Fenley

Art Permeates Everything Here

It's REAL: a Note from the Publisher by Zida Borcich "Cloud Garden" by Miriam Davis Art is an integral part of life here on the coast. It permeates, reflects, and…

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Humpback Whale Flukes by Ron laValle


By Zida Borcich They are different from you and me. Really different. They are big. Unimaginably big. They travel a ten-thousand-mile migration route every year. They are mammals. And they…

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The extraordinary collaborative arts of Ricia Araiza and Michael Leventhal colloquy (plural: colloquies) A conversation or dialogue It's rare enough to find a husband-and-wife team who can work together collaboratively…

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