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Read all about it in Real Estate Magazine Each monthly issue includes all the most up-to-date Real Estate listings at most of Mendocino County’s major Real Estate companies. REM is distributed countywide monthly, twelve issues per year and circulates over 75,000 copies annually. A lively cover story about Mendocino County spans topics as diverse as profiles of local businesses, personalities, artists, events, agriculture, and other subjects of interest to locals and soon-to-be locals alike. The magazine has been a widely read and appreciated source of community information for over twenty-four years and is a crucial component of every Mendocino County Realtor's marketing campaign. A comprehensive calendar of events and occasional other Real-Estate-related articles round out the ad-supported paper.

Great Work!
Wow! Zida, Joe, Lisa and Alicia...
That last REM was wonderful! I am not sure if the showing on the Gordon Lane property that is taking place on Monday has anything to do with the article, but I don't think that it was just a coincidence. Thanks so much for the beautiful work and care.

A February 6, 2011 email from Tracey Coddington of Big River Realty commenting on the "In the Market for..." editorial by Alicia Abuliak, in the February 4, 2011 issue.

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